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  Kyle Sklenar  , Owner

Kyle Sklenar, Owner

  Zak Washburn ,  Lead   Videographer

Zak Washburn, Lead Videographer


ARO is a boutique wedding videography firm based out of Atlanta, GA. We capture each wedding with a cinematic look and a documentarian mindset. This means it will look absolutely beautiful, but we will not be staging anything. There are too many voices on the wedding day; we don’t want to add to the noise. Many of our clients have spoken highly of our videographers, saying that in moments of stress we bring a sense of peace. We like to come in, capture the day as it happens, and exit when you do. We want your day to happen with no interruptions from us, almost as if we were never there... Kind of like ninjas, minus the swords.
We are a team of young, talented, and respectful filmmakers with years of experience. Each of our videographers brings something unique to the table, but we guarantee that you’ll receive a product with a similar style as everything you’ve seen from us on our site. Our in-house editor, Matt Meade, works diligently to make sure you receive exactly what you’re paying for.
We would love to chat with you further about your wedding. We want to hear about specific details, and help explain our entire process in detail. Please reach out to us via email to schedule a phone call.
- Kyle Sklenar, Owner