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Your Story

your story

We love marriage, and we love love. We want to provide a keepsake that will pass through generations as a visual story and reminder of your love story. We would love to tell your story, and below are the three packages for us to do so. If you have any questions, shoot us email. For more information on each package and the specifics they include, please contact us

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This is our quaint package. We wanted to provide an option for all couples, including those that may have a slimmer budget. This package includes a chronological recap film that is 3-4 minutes in length. The film is shot by one videographer, covering the ceremony and reception.

5 HOURS on site
1 Videographer
3-4 Minute Film
Delivery: Digital Link
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Half Day

This package is for those who want just a little more to remember their big day. This package is captured by two highly skilled videographers, covering the entire ceremony and reception. You will receive a 60 Second Social Media cut, a Recap film, and a Ceremony Video.

5 HOURS on site
2 Videographers
4-6 Minute Film
60 Second Social Media Cut
Full Length Ceremony Video
Delivery: Digital Link + Mailed Flashdrive
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Full Day

This is our most selected package. It is captured by two well trained videographers, covering the entire day. One videographer stays with the bride while the other stays with the groom; guaranteeing we don't miss a thing. You will receive a 60 Second Social Media cut, a Recap film, a Ceremony Video, and all raw footage.

9 HOURS on site
2 Videographers
8-10 Minute Film
60 Second Social media Cut
Full Length Ceremony Video
Raw Footage Delivery
Delivery: Digital Link + Mail Flashdrive


We seek to deliver every wedding within six weeks, though we ask for a buffer of eight weeks just in case. We have delivered late before, which is never our intention. If this should be the case for your wedding, we guarantee a consistent line of communication to properly explain any specific hold ups.